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Lace Glue Remover

Lace Glue Remover

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Looking for an easy and gentle way to remove your hair extensions and hair systems?

Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to our Lace Glue Remover!

This magical solution is perfect for all hair types and systems, and it smells like a refreshing citrus dream. Whether you're a professional or just taking care of your own hair, our Lace Glue Remover is the perfect solution for a quick and easy removal.

So why wait? Get your hands on our Lace Glue Remover today and make hair removal a breeze!


Note: Test on small area before use!

  1. Apply the Lace Glue Remover to the tape or glue bonding area of your hairpiece or wig.
  2. Wait for 3-5 minutes to allow the product to effectively dissolve the adhesive and break down the bond.
  3. Gently remove the hairpiece or wig from your scalp or skin, taking care not to pull or tug too hard.
  4. If there is any remaining adhesive residue, apply a small amount of Lace Glue Remover to the area and gently rub with a cloth until the adhesive dissolves completely.
  5. Wash the area with a gentle shampoo and warm water to remove any remaining residue from the Lace Glue Remover.

Remember to always patch test before use and follow the instructions carefully to ensure the best results.

For external use only!
Avoid contact with eyes and open or irritated skin.

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